​Pickup & Delivery Laundry Service in and around Oceanside, CA

If you are looking for more time, or doing laundry just isn't your thing, we have the answer! Try our Laundry Pick Up and Delivery Service in Oceanside. You just need to make one phone call to our store and we’ll schedule a time for your laundry pick up service. We’ll wash and dry your clothes and get your items fresh and clean. Then, within 48 hours, our laundry delivery service will have it back to you! All your laundry finished, just like that!

The only thing YOU need to do is give us a call at (760) 722-0907.

  • $1.59-$1.79 per Pound ($25 - $35 minimum) and $8 Round-Trip Delivery Fee Within 10 Miles. Beyond 10 miles is $10.
  • 48-Hour Turnaround
  • Customization Options Including Bleach, Fabric Softener & OxiClean