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Oceana Laundry, a Commercial Laundry in Oceanside, could save your business money.

Date: April 27, 2017

There are many great reasons to consider using a local laundry instead of washing your own linens. Not only does the Oceana Laundry deliver a high-quality laundry experience right here in Oceanside, but using our services should be a money saver! All businesses want their linens, uniforms, and towels washed properly every time. With the use of a professional laundry service, you will consistently receive clean linens without the headaches or the hefty price tag.  But consider the alternative…

Why invest in a washer and dryer?                                                                                                     

Right off the bat, purchasing one or more washers and dryers will cost many thousands of dollars. These are expensive items that will require ongoing service- even quality ones break down on occasion – and getting them repaired is not cheap.  In addition, these machines require the right amount of dedicated workspace and may even require changes to your electrical, gas and sewer line infrastructure.

Consider the true costs of running an internal laundry. 

Electricity, gas and water are needed to run washers and dryers.  Utilities are not cheap- and expect these rates to climb every year.  You will be surprised at how these utility costs add up in order to complete all of your essential laundry loads.  Also, don’t underestimate the amount of staff you will need to dedicate to process, monitor and fold your linens and keep in mind there could be some down time during wash and dry cycles.

Your local Commercial Laundry produces higher-quality results AND saves you money!

Will your employees be skilled at tackling the type of laundry needs that your business has?  A professional laundry like Oceana Laundry will ensure that their machines are in good working order enabling them to consistently provide superior wash and dry results. When you can take advantage of an experienced and skilled supplier workforce, it reduces the number of items you discard due to being stained or improperly laundered saving you money over the long haul on replacement linens.

At the Oceana Laundry, we provide the right equation for handling the important laundering of your linens:  The right sized (large) equipment to ensure the proper washing of your linens, a pay-by-the-pound pricing program instead of a more expensive pay-by-the-piece cost structure, 48-hour turnaround and even a convenient and time saving pick up and delivery service.

Now is the time to eliminate the distraction of laundry and spend more time focusing on growing your business!  Give us a call today  to arrange your laundry service in North County San Diego, or visit our website for more information!