​Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer pre-treating.

We will pick up and deliver your washed and folded laundry within a 10 mile radius of our store.

About Oceana Laundry

Never feel lost in our large store! Our on-site expert can help you with everything from getting set up to getting out that tough stain.

With a huge parking lot out back, we’ve always got a space for you. We also provide laundry carts to make the short distance from your car to the store easier to manage.

YES! Catch up on work, surf the web, or enjoy some TV while you do your laundry. We’ll keep you on the grid and entertained with our free WiFi and three flat screen HDTVs.

We have lots of opportunities at "The Home of the Free Wash!" to win $$ on your laundry card. Just check out our website and keep your eyes peeled to see if you are one of our random monthly winners.

How To Do Your Wash

Stop hoarding heavy change! With our personal laundry card system, you can use your debit card, credit card, or cash to pay for your laundry on your personal Oceana laundry card.

Our largest washer can handle up to 7 times as much as a standard machine (up to 75 pounds)! Slash your laundry time by choosing the right machine for your needs from the many options at our facility.

Find answers to all your laundry stain questions on our extensive Laundry Tips page.