About Oceana Laundry

Welcome to Oceanside's cleanest and friendliest laundry!


Oceana Laundry was founded in 2009. After a careful evaluation of the greater Oceanside area, the city had a vital need for a large state of the art laundry that would meet the needs of the community. This laundry would provide customers with an experience that would make laundry feel like less of a chore and utilize the latest technology (no coins needed – each customer uses their own personal laundry card).

It would be kept clean, safe, and efficient due to a fully attended staff on hand to immediately aid customers with any questions or concerns. They would also offer a drop-off laundry service (and now, even a pick-up and delivery service) that would give customers the ability to outsource their laundry needs to professionals, while allowing themselves the opportunity to dedicate more of their time to the important things in life like family, friends, and fun!

The owners invested a great deal of time and energy to make their vision a reality. Since opening more than six years ago, Oceana Laundry has established itself as the leading laundry in Oceanside that has built a reputation of quality, service, and cleanliness that is second to none. They take pride in the modern equipment and large selection of machines they offer, the well-trained staff that provides great customer service, and the fact they work hard every day to maintain their customer’s trust and loyalty. Come on in and see what they can do for you today!

Going Green


At Oceana, we take pride in offering services that help the environment. Our state-of-the-art, large capacity machines save time, energy, and water.


When using our power load washer, you would be saving 57% of the energy you would use to wash the same load of laundry in a household top-load washer.


All of our front-loading machines save between 30 - 50% of the water you would use to wash the same load of laundry in a household top-load washer.